Subtitles important in The Netherlands? Necessity!

1 May 2015

The facts. In the Netherlands 5.4 million people make use of subtitles (transcipted and translated). Of these people, 1.6 million people are deaf or hearing impaired. For them, subtitles are (therefore) of great importance.
This says a rapport presented by SOAP!, commissioned by the NPO (Public Dutch Television).
Now the obligation for subtitles in the Netherlands is a fact, SOAP! wanted a better view on the quality of subtitling.

The report says:
“The number of deaf and hearing impaired is not only large, but also very diverse. Hearing impaired viewers experienced subtitling generally quite different as deaf viewers.
Some people are capable in lip reading, while others aren’t. Some people read quickly and have a good Dutch language development, others don’t.

About half of the users of subtitles is 60 or older, 72% of respondents have a hearing aid or cochlear implant and 74% of the respondents feels that they properly read/write the Dutch language.
For all these people, subtitles are of great importance. Many of them only can understand the program when it is subtitled in a good way.”

The survey also showed that:
Almost 75% of respondents watch more than 5 hours per week English television programs.
67% always uses subtitles. For 60% of respondents it is the only way to understand a program.
65% of respondents stop watching a program in the absence of subtitles.
Read the results (in Dutch): SOAP! report.

Experience the power of subtitles:

Bronlaak-Heimdal (Dutch cc): Example 1

VOI (English&Dutch): Example 2

Knab (cc for deaf): Example 3

Kunst en gras (cc for deaf): Example 4